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There has been an interesting discussion on the North American information literacy discussion list about how and whether Melania Trump's apparent plagiarism can be used in information literacy education. It has been pointed out that it can also be used to raise discussion of issues such as ghostwriting, and also differing types and degrees of plagiarism. To me, it seems particularly problematic to plagiarise something which is supposed to be about how you feel, but I'm probably just politically naive.
In case you haven't already found...
A new book is:
Downey, A. (2016). Critical Information Literacy: Foundations, Inspiration, and Ideas. Library Juice Press. Price: $28.00. ISBN: 978-1-63400-024-6
"This book grew out of the author's dissertation research, which was a qualitative study investigating the institutional support, nonsupport, and barriers to CIL programs and the effectiveness of experiential critical pedagogy for information literacy learning as taught and studied by 19 CIL librarians and scholars. Experiential education served as the broad theoretical framework for the study, which stems from the tradition of critical theory, and used the work of two major...

Sheila Webber e colegas farão um Webinar gratuito [em inglês] no dia 26 de julho de 2016, às 12h (Horário de Brasília, BR). No âmbito do desenvolvimento profissional, Sheila promete contar um pouco sobre como a competência em informação influenciou sua carreira. Parceria IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Section, IFLA New Professionals SIG com a American Library Association (ALA).
Sheila é professora na Universidade de Sheffield, Reino Unido, é Diretora do Centre for Information Literacy Research e mantém desde 2005 o Blog "Information...
I'm presenting in a free Information Literacy Webinar, July 26 2016: Information Literacy in My Career. The IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Section and IFLA New Professionals SIG have partnered with the American Library Association to present a one-hour webinar Information Literacy in my career. Professionals at different stages of their career will talk about what information literacy means to them, how they engage with it in their job, and how they see information literacy featuring in their future. Speakers are:
- Keynote and moderator: Sheila Webber...
Presentations from the recent CILIP conference are online and they include the following:
- DeVIL: Determining the value of information literacy for employers by Stéphane Goldstein and Andrew Whitworth
- Developing digital literacy skills in professional and academic staff by Jennifer Wilson and Laurence Morris. This has screenshots from the Leeds Beckett University Employability Libguide:
- TeenTech:integrating research and information literacy in our future by...
Taylor and Francis have assembled a "free article collection ... special issue" from articles taken from the last few years of the New Review of Academic Librarianship. This includes:
- Harrop, D. and Turpin, B. (2013). A Study Exploring Learners' Informal Learning Space Behaviors, Attitudes, and Preferences. New Review of Academic Librarianship, 19(1), 58-77. [a study in a university setting]
- Buchanan, H. et al (2015.) Curriculum Mapping in Academic Libraries. New Review of Academic Librarianship, 21(1), 94-111.
- Gore, H. (2014). Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Their Impact on Academic Library Services:...
The ACRL Instruction Section Teaching Methods Committee has added new committee-recommended sources to their Zotero-based lists: Selected Resources for Teaching Methods and Instructional Design in Library Instruction ( and their Selected Resources for Assessment in Library Instruction (
Another recent (May 2016) report is Smartphone by default, a qualitative research report conducted by ESRO for Ofcom (the UK communications watchdog). It is available in full at It is a high-quality, interesting report which identifies a number of issues relevant to information literacy.
"The fieldwork involved 26 two-hour in-depth interviews in four UK cities: Glasgow, Leeds, London, Belfast and...
A short online course from ACRL is Designing Curriculum & Developing Educators for the Information Literacy Courses of Tomorrow, running from next Monday 18 July until 5 August 2016. Costs range from $195 (non ALA or ACRL member) through to $60 for students. The course is in Moodle and they say to budget for 3-5 hours a week. The course is led by Andrea Falcone (Head of Education & Outreach Services, University of Colorado Denver). More information at
Photo by Sheila Webber: the local squirrel...
I'll be highlighting a couple of recent reports from Ofcom (the UK's communications watchdog, which has an excellent research programme). The substantial report Adults’ media use and attitudes (April 2016) "provides research that looks at media use, attitudes and understanding, and how these change over time [they compare results with their previous surveys], with a particular focus on those groups that tend not to participate digitally." 1841 adults (in the UK) were surveyed in their homes in September-October 2015. It's at...