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Here are some useful links to material about the European health librarians conference (EAHIL+ICAHIS+ICLC) that I was at a couple of weeks ago.

- There are my own posts about it on my blog.
- Workshop website:
- Most presentations from the event are at
- The twitter stream:...
In a discussion post recently Emma Coonan mentioned her Research Central resource (produced for Cambridge University Library’s Research Skills Programme), which can be reused under a Creative Commons license. In particular the section on Academic Reading and Writing was mentioned: this includes a lesson plan, slides and handouts:
Photo by Sheila Webber: pink dahlia, July 2015
There is a recording of the webinar held on 11 May 2015 under the aegis of InformALL. This was: Information and Digital Literacy for Online Collaborative Design: led by Dr Mark Childs, Coventry University. It is at
I've just put up that slides that Bill Johnston and I used in our workshop on phenomenography, that was part of the EAHIL+ICAHIS+ ICLC workshop in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago. This is the pleasant seminar room we were in.
Since delegates were from the healthcare sector, and phenomenography is a research approach that has been used quite a lot in healthcare, we asked participants to read a paper describing phenomenographic research into nurses' conceptions of caring:
Andresson, E.K., Willman, A., Sjostrom-Strand, A. and Borglin, G. (2015). Registered nurses' descriptions of caring: a phenomenographic interview study. BMC Nursing, 14:16. DOI 10.1186/s12912-015-...
On 28 August 2015, the CILIP Information Literacy group are running the Developing a Blended Learning Skills Programme workshop, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The event will be delivered by Jennie Blake and Jade Kelsall. "In the morning, participants will explore best practices in the overall design of blended learning support programmes. Using examples from the University of Manchester's My Learning Essentials programme, we will examine the underlying development processes that enable the development a flexible, coherent and complementary suite of face-to-face and online support opportunities. The afternoon will focus on the development of workshops and online resources. Participants will come away with the beginnings...
A dissertation I'd missed: Mertes, N. (2014). Teachers' Conceptions of Student Information Literacy Learning and Teachers' Practices of Information Literacy Teaching and Collaboration with the School library. PhD thesis. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.
I saw this mentioned in a German language blog post which describes the research, at
One of my PhD students, Jessica Elmore, has put the presentation she did for her first year confirmation report on Slideshare: it gives the context and methods and thoughts from her pilot study. It is entitled An exploration of the relationship between English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) learning, the information literacy of participants, and its impact on their everyday lives

PhD Confirmation Review: Information literacy experiences of ESOL Learners from elmorejelmore
My twitterstream is filled with conference hashtags at the moment. Some which are current, or just past, and you might want to check up on are:
- Centre for Study of Literacies 2015 conference:
- ISHIMR (health informatics) conference
- International Conference on Informetrics and...
The open access journal Information Research (volume 20 no 2) has been published. Articles include:
- Marta Zárraga-Rodríguez and Maria Jesús Álvarez Information practices and competences that evidence information capability in a company
- Nicole M. Gaston, Dan G. Dorner and David Johnstone Spirituality and everyday information behaviour in a non-Western context: sense-making in Buddhist Laos
- Kalyani Ankem Assessing cancer patients' health information needs: a standardized approach
- Jenny Bronstein and Maria Knoll Blogging motivations of women suffering from infertility
- Polona Vilar, Primoz Juznic and Tomaz Bartol Information behaviour of...
The latest issue of the open access journal Communications in Information Literacy (voliume 9 number 1) is available. Articles include:
- “Mind-Blowing”: Fostering Self-Regulated Learning in Information Literacy Instruction by Eveline Houtman
- Education Theory and Pedagogy for Practical Library Instruction: How to Learn What We Really Need to Know by Molly Montgomery
- A Decade of Critical Information Literacy: A Review of the Literature by Eamon Tewell
- Motivational Design in Information Literacy Instruction by Amanda Kathryn Nichols Hess
- Teaching and Learning Information Synthesis: An Intervention and Rubric Based Assessment by Kacy Lundstrom, Anne R. Diekema...