Recursos Internacionales

  • ANTS. Animated Tutorial Sharing Project. Proyecto de colaboarción en el que participan bibliotecarios de Canadá y Estados Unidos. Esta abierto a bibliotecarios de otros lugares. COPUL (The Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libaries).
  • Cardiff University. Information Literacy Resource Bank
  • CLIP: Cooperative Library Instruction Project.
  • INTUTE. Virtual Training Suite. Helping you find the best websites for study and research.
  • JORUM. Learning to share: Information Literacy. Jorum is a JISC-funded Service in Development in UK Further and Higher Education, to collect and share learning and teaching materials, allowing their reuse and repurposing. This free online repository service forms a key part of the JISC Information Environment, and is intended to become part of the wider landscape of repositories being developed institutionally, locally, regionally or across subject areas. We use intraLibrary for JorumUK and a modified version of DSpace for JorumOpen.
  • LACLO. Comunidad Latinoamericana de Objetos de Aprendizaje.
  • LLIDA. Learning Literacies for a Digital Age. Best practice examples. [Resultado del proyecto financiado por el JISC].
  • LOEX (Library Orientation Exchange): repositorio de materiales de formación. En 2009 pertenecían a LOEX más de 650 bibliotecas miembros en los Estados Unidos, Canadá, el Caribe, Europa, Australia y Nueva Zelanda.
  • The Ohio State University Libraries (USA). Net. TUTOR.
  • PRIMO. Peer Reviewed Instructional Materials Online. Base de datos con material formativo internacional, elaborada por la ACRL/ALA. Entrevista y sitio del mes.
  • SCONUL. Information Literacy Links. Online Information Literacy tutorials provided by Higher Education Institutions in the:United Kingdom, United States, Australia
  • UMass Amherst Libraries (USA): Instruction and Information Literacy
  • University of Bristol . Institute for Learning & Research Technology. Virtual Training Suite.   60 free Internet tutorials, each covering Internet research skills for a different subject - there's one for most of the subjects taught in UK universities, with a few extras covering skills that are relevant across disciplines.The tutorials are written, reviewed and regularly updated by a national team of UK university lecturers and librarians
  • University of Leicester Distance Learning Unit (UK): Tutorials
  • University of Leed (UK): Skills@Library.
  • University of the NewcCastle (Australia).Infoskills
  • University of New England (Australia). University Library: Training & help
  • University of Sydney (Australia): Research and Information Skills.

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